Our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is totally pharma grade and safe for babies use as well. 

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

  • It is unrefined and unbleached. Our fully integrated processing plant is located in the south west part of Tamilnadu  where over 50 % of India's coconuts are cultivated. The quality of the nuts here is considered to be the best in terms of nutrients. Stringent organic practices are followed at the level of the coconut farms itself which are certified to ensure traceability. Best quality matured nuts are first drilled for water extraction, then deshelled, peeled perfectly, blanched and dried to make desiccated coconut from which the virgin coconut oil is expelled using the cold pressed method in a controlled environment. We use a band drier with 3 stages with cooling tubes enclosed to ensure freshness and retention of all nutrients. Being cold processed the temperature never exceeds 48 degrees.

    Centrifuged VCO is generally the purest and healthiest oil. In this process the natural enzymes and anti-oxidants are full retained. The entire process takes places in 4 hours flat. Healthy medium chain triglycerides are at 63 % and lauric acid is about 50 %. COA and Reports attached. Our shelf life is relatively higher as excess moisture is removed by advanced vacuum dehydration and peroxide value too is at just 0.02% or less. This ensures longer shelf life of 2 years. In terms of clarity our oil ranks top as the RI value comes to around 1.4479. In-house testing labs manned by qualified teams ensure stringent standards are maintained. 

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