Our 600 mg Organic Moringa OLeifera Flower Tablets are made with Natural Guar Gum Binders. 

Organic Moringa Oleifera Flower Tablets 600 mg

  • The quality and potency of the Moringa here is arguably among the best in the world. Through our technical team we maintain a very tight vigil and control on the farming practice at the grassroots level and furthermore we ensure that we get the full benefit of this super-food by making sure that its processed and packaged in a way that preserves its nutritional properties. All our plantations are away from highways and industrial zones thereby avoiding any scope of pollution from vehicular and industrial gases. 
    Moringa Flowers are approximately 1 inch in diameter and a creamy white colour. These are rare and seasonal. We use the younger flowers. These provide good amounts of vital amini acids, calcium and potassium. 
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