Our hemp oil seeds are Plant-based and 100% Vegan, plus contains no preservatives. They must be refrigerated once opened. 

Hemp Seed Oil

  • Originating from the tiny seeds of a Cannabis Sativa plant, hemp seed oil for the longest time has been ignored by many for this one fact. However, we at Kartar are redefining the definition of Hemp Seed Oil by bringing it into your daily lives for more benefits than one. Our Hemp Seed Oil can be added to just about any meal and you are all set for a highly nutritious and nutty flavored meal. And not just that, our oil can also be sprinkled over other portions like Salads, Pasta, Dips and more - making it for a wholesome meal.

    Why Hemp Seed Oil?

    Now, if you're wondering why is it so important to include our Hemp Seed Oil into your daily diet, here's all you need to know about this magical ingredient:

    - Hemp seed oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that in turn actually help fight diabetes and even diseases like cancer. 

    - Hemp oil seeds are also known to control blood sugar levels and improvise immunity.

    -  Hemp Seed Oils when directly applied to the skin/hair, 

    boost various benefits like - rich & voluminous hair growth, hydration, fight dry skin, get rid of acne and more. Once applied, seed oils largely help you glow, both on the inside and outside!

    - This oil is also a great solution if you're looking for therapeutic benefits.

    - Hemp Oil seeds fight inflammation, improvise brain health, heart rates, aid weight loss and even help women during pregnancy as the oil comes with omega 3-fatty acids as they act as the building blocks for the fetal brain and retina.


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