Our Hemp Hearts are carefully selected and shelled Hemp Seeds which boost an earthy nut-like flavor and are ready to eat.

Hemp hearts

  • Our hemp hearts are also used to add to our various daily meals. Our hemp hearts act as a nutritious addition to baked goodies and more.

    Especially for those of you looking to grab a quick bite of nutrients and omegas during your daily hustle, our hemp hearts are the perfect packs to carry around. Also known to be symbolic for medicinal, therapeutic and health benefits in the past, Hemp Hearts are making their way into our daily lives yet again and for more benefits than one.

    We at Kartar get our carefully curated shelled Hemp seeds all the way from the Himalayas. Thus our hemp hearts, sorted from the origins itself are the best buy for those of you looking for unadulterated nutrition and hearts at their purest & most natural form.

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